Poslaju Number Not Working

This tracking is based on Poslaju tracking past experience, if you get “Record Not Found” while tracking your parcel, that could mean the post office has not scanned the slip yet or probably they are in the midst of upgrading their online tracking system. Alternatively, you may also try tracking your parcel using: https://poslajutracking.me. The last successful tracked under ‘Pos Malaysia (Pos Laju)’ As of today is Post Malaysia (Pos Laju) working in order again. Pos Malaysia tracking still unable to track in the app.

Poslaju is a malaysian courier service, you can all malaysian packages through poslaju tracking.

If Poslaju Number is not Working

Find your tracking number.

poslaju tracking number not working

poslaju tracking number not working

While tracking your parcels you will get “Record Not Found“, that could mean the post office has not scanned the slip yet.

The problem is use the code that the courier service gave us on how to track and trace the item.

poslaju number not working

poslaju number

The major problem with pos laju is your tracking number, it shows number not working on your consignment note or airway bill which is a form that you would fill up before you send a document.

As an example, we provide a solution for PosLaju tracking but we are not affiliated or associated with Pos Laju or Pos Malaysia.


Once payment had received all order will be automatically processed and item sure be shipped out within 1 or 2 working days. This poslaju tracking will take time within 1 to 3 working days to arrive at the order shipment address once parcel had shipped out.


Welcome to our online Order at poslaju Tracking page! Please enter your email address and order number to track the status of your order. If you do not know your order number or poslaju number is not working, kindly check the order confirmation email that Lazada has previously sent to your email address. For any other order related enquiries, contact us.